Terrestrial ecological services across northern Australia

Ecological research and assessment in across northern Australia is becoming increasingly important in both the regulatory and conservation fields. Developments in many areas are now requiring a greater depth of ecological investigations to aid in impact assessments and monitoring of the environment. This is likely because of lessons learnt from legacy environmental impacts from past activities (throughout Australia) and a better understanding of ecosystem function and its relationship to human-induced disturbance. Whilst Australia is known as a ‘mega-diverse’ nation, we also have one of the worst rates of plant and animal extinctions on the planet and many of these are from northern Australia!

As a result, it is more important now than ever before to develop strategic and regionally-based conservation initiatives to allow the critical areas of the landscape to be protected from further environmental degradation, and improve landscape function. By understanding what’s on your land, ecologists are better able to plan for the co-existence of development and conservation. 

Biodiversity surveys are also a key aspect of impact assessments required for obtaining environmental approvals. The NT, WA and Commonwealth governments have a range of guidance materials to assist people to better understand the requirements of ecological monitoring, including the need for appropriate animal welfare, ethics and survey approvals and permits. These can be seen at these locations:

  • Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority Environment Assessment Guidelines:
  • Western Australian Environment Protection Authority Technical Guidance - Sampling Methods for  terrestrial vertebrate fauna: 
  • Western Australian Environment Protection Authority Technical Guidance - Flora and Vegetation Surveys for Environmental Impact Assessment:
  • Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy Survey Guidelines for Nationally Threatened Species:

What can Connect Environmental do for you?

Mihkel Proos, our Principal Environmental Consultant, has extensive experience in undertaking terrestrial ecological assessments across Australia. He has conducted over 30 fauna surveys and numerous weed and rehabilitation assessments for clients in the Top End of the NT, northern WA and Queensland. He has also been involved with two strategic environmental assessments in the Pilbara, WA. 

Connect Environmental can assist your project by undertaking:

  • Ecological risk assessments
  • Flora and fauna surveys
  • Threatened species management and monitoring
  • Interpretation of ecological data
  • Project management
  • Weed surveys and management plans
  • Rehabilitation assessments, monitoring and management
  • Offset calculations and management plans.

From gathering of baseline biodiversity data, to ongoing monitoring and offset calculations, and everything in between, contact Mihkel to discuss your biodiversity requirements.

How can we help?

One of our passions is terrestrial ecology. In fact, Mihkel is a birdo by heart. For several years, he spent time in the field undertaking fauna surveys across northern Australia, including the Pilbara, Kimberley, Ord district, numerous NT National Park and Conservation Reserves, Yinberrie Hills, Mt Isa, Gladstone and Rockhampton. He is a hard worker, has taken the time to learn relevant environmental legislation and tackles projects in a friendly and professional manner.