Strategic Assessments

Strategic assessments under Australia's national environmental legislation, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, focus on large-scale or wide-ranging activities. Examples of strategic assessments that have, or are currently being, undertaken under the EPBC Act include:

The federal environment minister is the decision maker for strategic assessments. 

How can we help?

Mihkel worked with the (then) Australian Government Department of the Environment in Canberra for five years. This included two years working on strategic assessments under the EPBC Act. 

During this time, Mihkel was directly involved with three strategic assessments. 

Our team is able to help with the development of:

  • A policy, plan or program
  • Environmental objectives
  • Matters of national environmental significance (MNES) assessments
  • Advice and planning in relation to the conservation of biodiversity in your strategic assessment area
  • Risk assessments and managing uncertainty 
  • Environmental monitoring plans.