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Environmental Management


· Project Management 

· Mining Management Plans

 · Environmental Risk Assessments

 · Construction Environment Management Plans

· Operation Environment Management Plans

· Biodiversity Management Plans

· Weed Management Plans  

· Rehabilitation Plans

· Site Closure and Rehabilitation Plans

· Mapping



· Approvals Pathway Development in the NT

· Commonwealth Approvals under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act)

· Impact Assessments

· EPBC Act Referrals

· Notice of Intent – Northern Territory 

· Regulatory Consultation

· Offsets 

· Aboriginal Area Protection Authority (AAPA) Requests for Information

Biodiversity Assessments


· Ecological Assessments, Management and Monitoring

· Ecological Risk Assessments

· Threatened Species Assessments and Survey Planning

· Assessment of Matters of National Environmental Significance

· Offsets

· Impact Assessments

· Mapping


Connect Environmental Offsets Consulting Services

· Offsets Calculations and Planning under the EPBC Act

· Management Plans and Strategies

· Offsetting in the NT 

Land Clearing


· Biodiversity assessments

· Notice of Intent

· Referrals under the EPBC Act

· Mapping 

Strategic Assessments