Mining Management Plan Health Check

Connect Environmental’s MMP Health Check is a simple way for you to get a clear picture of the effectiveness of your MMP. It provides an evaluation of systemic, legislative and process issues in your MMP. It highlights areas that are ineffective and high risk, that, if not addressed, could cost you a fortune to correct down the track. We analyse both short- and long-term factors so that you can maximise profitably and environmental sustainability.

If you have any of the following questions or concerns about your MMP, then a Health Check from Connect Environmental is an ideal next step:

  • What are the high environmental risk areas on my site?
  • Am I spending money in the right areas? 
  • I seem to keep having issues with the government.
  • Could I plan rehabilitation of my site more effectively so that I can reduce my environmental liability and receive security funds back sooner?
  • Am I at risk of legislative breaches?
  • Could I plan for further activities better?
  • Have I got the right level of information in my MMP?
  • I am concerned that I am spending too much to get my MMP written by a consultant. 

These questions, and any others you may have, can all be addressed by an MMP Health Check.


· Highlights the areas you are doing well, so you can continue to keep them strong; and

· Recommends actions you can take to improve your MMP, based on your activity and business.

What’s involved?

The MMP Health Check includes the following high-level activities:

1. A senior MMP Specialist from Connect Environmental will organise a brief meeting with you to understand your current status and concerns with your MMP. This is usually an important first step as it helps us to focus on those concerns specifically when we are reviewing the MMP in its entirety.

2. We will review the individual elements of the MMP and check each of them against best practice requirements / guidelines and against those issues which we see most often.

3. We will write up a summary report that highlights areas where your MMP is strongest and where there are inefficiencies and high risks and includes recommendations to address our findings. 

4. We will send our Health Check report to you and organise a meeting to explain any findings and discuss any recommended actions.


A two-page report containing:

  • Your overall benchmarking score
  • Adequacy ratings for individual components of your MMP including:

              - Existing environmental information and risk assessment

              - Environmental management planning

              - Rehabilitation and closure planning

              - The relevance of information in your MMP

              - Effectiveness of maps / diagrams

              - QA / QC

  • Summary of high MMP risk areas
  • Recommendations to:

              - Improve environmental outcomes and profitability; and

              - Increase the effectiveness of your MMP, with respect to both its implementation and its readability for the regulator.