Health and Safety

At Connect Environmental, we ensure our staff and contractors maintain high levels of health and safety awareness. This is undertaken through a three stage process:

  1. Health and Safety Management Plan (HSMP) - A detailed assessment of each project’s or task’s potential hazards and risks, and their appropriate management and reporting actions, prior to commencement. It involves all relevant staff.
  2. Daily Job Analysis (DJA) - A daily review of key risks and tasks to ensure that all risks and management actions are adequately identified and are implemented.
  3. HSMP Final Project Clearance - A final review and de-brief of the HSMP, based on the DJA’s, to confirm that all risks were identified actions were appropriate and implementable.

Mihkel is serious about health and safety. He first developed and implemented comprehensive Job Safety Analyses and Safe Work Method Statements for fire and field crews in Victoria in the early 2000’s. Since then, having  undertaken many remote project's around Australia, he has refined and incorporated his knowledge of job safety to all elements of his work. He was also a Health and Safety Representative with the Australian Government.