Environmental Management

Environmental Management Plans (EMP’s) come in all shapes and sizes, be it for a construction activity, land management or mining (amongst many others). EMP’s are important tools to document how an activity will ensure environmental protection and monitoring is adhered to. They are prepared by determining a set of environmental objectives (usually based on a pre-prepared risk assessment or impact statement) and targeting specific actions that will ensure those objectives are met and relevant legislation is complied with. EMP’s also demonstrate a company’s commitment to environmental protection, thereby enhancing reputation and transparency.


Both the NT and Australian Government’s provide guidance on the preparation of EMP’s, found at:

What can Connect Environmental do for you?

Our experience in assessing site environmental conditions and undertaking risk and impact assessments has provided a solid basis for preparing EMP’s. Mihkel Proos, our Principal Environmental Consultant, has prepared many EMP’s for numerous industries, including:

  • Construction Environment Management Plans
  • Operational Environment Management Plans
  • Mining Management Plans
  • Threatened Species Management Plans
  • Weed Management Plans
  • Rehabilitation Management Plans
  • Fire Management Plans
  • Habitat Management Plans.

We write EMP’s that are objective, easy to understand, incorporate relevant risk or impact assessment outcomes, ensure clear accountability and meet relevant government policies. 

How can we help?

Mihkel Proos, Principal Environmental Consultant at Connect Environmental, has over 18 years' experience in the environmental field. Many of these years has been spent either developing management plans and strategies, or assessing them from a compliance perspective. This has given him the insight into understanding what makes an effective EMP. Combined with his skills in ecology and approvals, he can help to take the stress out of your project's EMP requirements.